Our destemmed elderberries are ideal for anyone who is wanting to make their own syrup, cordial, jam or wine.


We only provide elderberries of the best possible quality; therefore we freeze the elderberries on the day of picking. The freezing keeps the berries fresh and all the vitamins and minerals stay locked into the berries.


Once you place an order, we will get in contact with you and confirm the delivery date. The elderberries will be packed in insulated boxes and will arrive at your doorstep before 12 noon.


The elderberries are likely to defrost a little during transport which is why we recommend using the elderberries the same day as they arrive or keep them chilled and use them the following day.


Note: Elderberries naturally contain cyanogenic glycoside and therefore need to be heated to at least 85 degree Celsius before consumption.


Destemmed Elderberries

1 Kilogram
  • If you would like to collect your order from the farm to avoid shipping fees, or order a larger quantity than displayed please get in contact with us directly.

  • Once the delivery date is confirmed, your order will be posted on next day delivery before 12 in the afternoon